A New Year

If I could sum up the main thing that I learned this past year into a sentence, it would be this: What you learn is useless, unless you make an effort to remember it and share it.

Being the ridiculous optimist that I am, I try to avoid using the word “regret” at all costs.  But as I reflect on this past year and peek into the next, I am left with an apparent “what if.”  What if I had kept better track of my many invaluable lessons from the year 2010? This question is the motivation behind my New Year’s resolution and, ergo, this new blog.

It will be impossible to record all that I learn this year, but I know some of it will be worth writing about.  My hope is that these posts will be something that not only I can look back to, be reminded of, and learn from, but that others can as well.  If only one person gains something from my posts, I will consider this blog a success.

There is a lot to be learned in the next 365 days.  In just one year, I will graduate from college, live for several weeks in a different country (Lord willing), apply for my first full-time job, start my first full-time job (hopefully), move to new state (most likely), pay my first bill for my own house or apartment (this can wait), get a dog (absolute must!), and many more things in between!

It is a big year for me, and for millions just like me.  Needless to say, many mistakes are right around the corner.  I have entitled my blog “Faint Not” because this is something I know will need to be reverberated in my heart again and again in the coming months. 

It has been told to me often, albeit unheard most of the time, that, “They who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  They shall soar on wings like eagles; they shall walk and not faint. “   (Isaiah 40:31)

My prayer is that my life this year, no matter how I have to learn it, will reflect this beautiful truth!

Happy New Year!!

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Kate said...

That is my favorite Bible verse!

I'm so glad you have started a blog!
I am now following you.