If we weren't sisters, we would just be best friends.

For me, today is a celebration of my dear sister's 24th birthday.
How blessed I am to get to know this beautiful woman forever. Not a day of my life has passed untouched by who she is.

Her friendship is irreplaceable 
Her encouragement unmatched 
Her wisdom envied 
Her joy contagious
Her interest genuine
Her prayer evident
Her kindness healing
Her beauty striking
Her love reliable

I will never stop learning from JoAnna. Most days I will catch myself wondering what she would do or say in a given situation.  

Ever since the days of playing Cinderella (when she would make me pretend to be Lucifer, the evil cat), I have watched this girl so closely. What a privilege to get to learn from someone like her.

One of the most significant things she has taught me in my life is the importance of making people feel like they can be themselves. Jo brings that best out of everyone she knows. I don't know if there is anyone who has ever encountered her who hasn't left feeling uplifted. Her honesty and soundness is challenging, prompting, and consistent with how she lives. I have seen the most obnoxious, senseless, and disagreeable people change after just a few minutes with her. She recognizes the flaws, quirks, and misfits that most would ridicule, but she just embraces them and somehow finds joy in them. It is something that I have always envied. I don't know how she does it, but I have experienced it and am so grateful for it.

This post would go on forever if I didn't just stop here. :)
She is absolutely amazing. 
I love you my sweet sister.
Happy 24th. <3


Kate said...

This is so sweet! You girls are beautiful.

JoAnna said...

This is the most generous and beautiful thing anyone has ever written for me my (way too) sweet sister!! My life is 1000x's better because YOU are in it. I don't know who I would be if it wasn't for your amazing encouragement these past 20 years. Can't wait to be best friends for 60 more years. Love you love you love you.

Kelcie Miller said...

This is loveliness in a blog. And these things are all true about Jo. Sisters are the best.

James said...

dear maddi,